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When you decide to give your child private music lessons, you are making an investment in their future. It’s also a commitment of time and money. Achieve Music helps you monitor their progress. With Achieve Music you are constantly in the loop.

With Achieve Music you can:

  • Monitor your child’s progress
  • See how your child scores on their assignments
  • Check to see how many times your child attempts an exercise
  • View and listen to your child’s practice history anytime/anywhere
  • View lesson assignments and comments from your child’s instructor
  • See your child take a renewed interest in their instrument and music lessons
  • Achieve Music is your lesson investment insurance

Note! A teacher needs to invite the student to the system. Students themselves cannot register. If you and your child would like to try Achieve Music then please tell the teacher.

This is how your child will see and use Achieve Music:

This is how the teacher will see and use Achieve Music: