Microphone Preferences

By default a Mac has an Ambient Noise Reduction activated. This is designed to enhance spoken word but may reduce the quality of musical recordings. Here is how to deactivate it:

1.Go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences

2. Select Sound

3. Choose Input

4. Check Volume Level

5. Uncheck Use Ambient Noise Reduction’

Google Chrome – Permission to Use Microphone

When you first visit the Achieve Music and try to record your playing then the browser will ask for permission to use your device’s microphone. It is only asked once and remembered next time. However, if you somehow missed that question or answered ‘No’, then here is how to restore the microphone access:

1.Click on the browser’s menu icon

2. Choose Settings

3. Click on Show Advanced Settings’

4. Under Privacy Choose Content Settings’

5. Microphone

  • Choose Default
  • Check ‘Ask when a site requests microphone access’
  • Click on Manage Exceptions’

6. Confirm that Achieve Music is listed and behavior is allowed and click ‘Done’

Enabling Microphone on PC

Step 1: Select Start Menu, Find and Select Control Panel

Step 2: Once on Control Panel, Select Hardware and Sound

Step 3: Once in Hardware and Sound, Find the Sound Option and Select Manage Audio Devices

Step 4: Go to top of the Window, Click the Recording tab

Step 5: Once on the Recording tab, Select the Microphone and then Select Properties at the bottom of the window. This will allow you to use the drop-down menu named Device Usage in which you then Select Use this Device (enable) acoustic settings, Select Enhancements.

Step 6: To adjust volume levels, Select Levels Tab

Step 7: Disable all sound effects