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Achieve Music has created a practice and assessment app designed for your collegiate marching band.
This school branded app allows band directors to assign parts to members by instrument.
Content and full scores are accessible by student login.
The app includes an administrator interface for schools to upload content, arrangements and member lists.


Grab your instrument and give it a try! For demo purposes this interactive example is available from your laptop and desktop using the Google Chrome browser.

The Marching Band Pro App is compatible with all iOS and Windows mobile devices.

Click on Part and Choose your instrument
Click Play to listen
Click More and choose Recording – if you choose Backing track make sure you are using headphones
Click the Red Microphone to record (Your computer microphone is all you need!)
You will receive instant feedback! Place your cursor over the assessment line for further details on your performance.


For more information and to set up a free demo account contact us at 844 594 7408 ext 403 or email