Kristo Käo

Kristo Käo

Product lead at MatchMySound

I was trained as a classical musician – studied here and there for twenty years, took part in numerous masterclasses, completed my BA and MA, then started to record and perform. A common case for musician. You probably know that most musicians cannot escape from teaching, and so it went with me as well. I have been teaching since 1998 at levels ranging from complete beginners to the academy level. I published several method books, and founded an online guitar school with 12,000 students. I also enrolled in a PhD program in multimedia learning, in order to fully understand what works best in online teaching.

Although I know that nothing works better than a good old flesh-and-bones teacher, good teachers are hard to find and their time is always limited. And what could be better than having a substitute that is available 24/7 and who never gets tired of listening to you, if not as a replacement, then definitely as a supplement!

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